5 Secrets All Dog Moms Must Know To Keep Dogs Happy

The benefits of having a strong bond between you and your dog have been well documented. We know that having a furry companion promotes emotional and physical health and can be one of life’s most rewarding relationships.

You already know your dog makes you happy, but how do you make sure you’re providing the right benefits to your furry best friend?

Here are some secret signs for dog moms to look for to make sure your pups keep their tails wagging for years to come.

1) They’re relaxed around you.

Do those moments of eye contact with your pup ever feel like true soul gazing? It’s that soft look in your dog’s eyes that signals they’re at peace in your presence.

Dogs use their body to show happiness, but it isn’t only a tail wag you should look for. Open and relaxed mouths and a loose flop in their ears are also prime indicators you’re doing something right as a dog mom.

2) They’re excited to see you.

Whether you’re away for an hour or an entire afternoon, your pup should be ecstatic to see you return. Visible signs of this may include jumping up to greet you, intense tail wagging, and running around the house with a celebratory lap.

On the other hand, if your dog barely lifts their head off the floor when you get home, it could be a sign of low energy or a disconnect in your relationship.


3) They have no problem eating and sleeping.

A drop in appetite is one of the easiest ways to spot a potential health issue in your dog. Same goes for an overall sense of restlessness between meals. It is completely normal for healthy adult dogs to sleep up to sixteen hours a day (I know, I’m jealous too), so if your pup seems to be dragging their paws, look tired, but never fully falling asleep, it may be time to spice up playtime.


4) They are playful.

Happy dogs are engaged and active. Often they will have a wagging tail and interact with your movements. If your dog is withdrawn and less interactive it’s probably time to mix up your routine, but also make sure you are giving your dog consistent attention and play time.

Adding a new toy to your mix of activities is a great first step to increase their interest in playtime. (Make sure it is safe to chew and doesn’t have harmful ingredients!)

5) Their behavior is less destructive.

Everyone has been in this situation, you return home from buying groceries and the house looks like a crime scene. Somehow the banana peel from two nights ago is wedged between the couch cushions. There are coffee grounds spread across the rug, and a shredded trash bag cries for help in the middle of the room.This crime could have been avoided. You need to realize how important it is to reinforce healthy chewing habits for your dog. You don’t want your house to be a mess, but you certainly don’t want your dog to eat or chew something that will make them sick.

Keep them occupied and happy! They need a durable, healthy, and safe chew toy that will keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

Do you love making your dog happy? 

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