Continued success in Bullibone's journey to create the perfect dog bone

The success of Bullibones continues to amaze LeeBob Willingham, the company’s founder. His initial desire to find a way to keep his English bulldog, Boogie, from destroying furniture legs and shoes has blossomed into an incredible business success story. Now, thanks to Wal-Mart’s initiative that has put these amazing dog treat/toys into their stores, more and more pet owners are finding a wonderful way to satisfy their dog’s need to chew.

It was an easy decision for Wal-Mart to partner with Bullibones, once they saw LeeBob’s product. As they put it, “We knew that LeeBob was on to something with this product, so we started selling Bullibones in our stores.” Wal-Mart’s commitment means Bullibones can now be found in over three thousand of their stores. And that number is growing as more pet owners find out about this great way to satisfy their dog’s need to chew.

One of the most important components of Bullibone’s success is that all the company’s products are made in America. It was this fact that helped Wal-Mart decide to put their stores behind the treats. Both companies have made a commitment to marketing American-made products and supporting innovators such as LeeBob Willingham. This is an exciting change for American industry, one that gives the hope that other industries and retailers will follow.

Walmart recently Wrote a wonderful article on this product.  Read Original article  “To Create the Perfect Dog Bone” here ~