Meet the Spin-a-Bone!

Ready for a totally new spin on playtime for you and your pup!?

Here at Bullibone, we set out on a mission to create a brand new toy that’s fully interactive, mentally stimulating and has the same irresistible flavor that started it all. It wasn’t easy, but we think we’ve done it!

Introducing our new SPIN-A-BONE!!! The spinning dog toy that engages your dog’s natural hunting instincts while creating an interactive and playful experience for both you and your pup!

Ever notice how excited your dog gets when chasing a ball? Or wonder why they just have to rip apart other chew toys into a million pieces?

Dogs have a natural instinct to hunt, chase, and chew. With the Spin-A-Bone, dog owners have a new way to help their pups reconnect with their natural instincts while allowing them to do more of what they do best: Hunt and Play!

Each Spin-a-Bone is a long-lasting, highly durable chew toy that promotes more exercise, less boredom, and proper chewing habits!

Best of all?

Just like our classic Bullibone and Treat Trap, the Spin-a-Bone is made of flavor-rich, permeameter nylon, made to provide the best in overall health and dental hygiene for man’s best friend!

 Bone Benefits and Features

  • Super fun spin action keeps dogs (and owners) attention.
  • Keeps your dog from chewing up your shoes.
  • Makes dogs feel rewarded when they catch it.
  • Safe alternative to rawhide bones.
  • Long-lasting nylon.
  • No artificial flavoring. 
  • Safe for dog's tummies.
  • 100% made in American.


At Bullibone, our mission is simple: Make dogs happy with healthy habits. We believe that good mental and physical health led to a higher quality of life for both pup and owner!

All our toys are designed to help your dog reconnect with their natural instincts in a way that tightens the bond between you and your best friend. Our toys help reduce tartar and plaque while freshening your dog’s breath and keeping their gums healthy.