Separation anxiety can drive your pup to destructive behaviors such as chewing and soiling in the house. Or hurting themselves trying to escape. Anxious dogs may bark excessively and refuse to eat or drink. Often being crated creates more anxiety. The best response is to talk with your vet about ways to help your pet overcome separation anxiety.

You’re gone and your pup is home alone, with no one to play with. Before you leave, make sure he has a puzzle feeder filled with his dog food to play with, or his favorite chew toy to keep him content. This can mean far less destructive behaviors while you’re not around.

Curiosity and discomfort both motivate your puppy to chew. Providing appropriate chew toys that soothe and comfort helps your pup while they’re losing baby teeth and gaining adult ones. Dog toys which can be frozen or a frozen wet washcloth make great chew toys for teething puppies.

Dogs, like people, need ways to entertain themselves. Daily walks, free play with other dogs, and tug and fetch games help accomplish this. Puzzle toys also challenge them mentally while teaching important skills. Such stimulation keeps your dog healthy and happy.

Shaking or tearing nearby objects or biting can be signs your pup is getting stressed. Being around other dogs they are scared of, being teased by children or boredom from lack of attention can create stress and frustration. Try to avoid putting your pet in those situations.

Diets don’t come easy for dogs or humans. A calorie-restricted diet, though it might be healthy, can leave your dog craving more. Providing flavored chew toys that smell like food can ease potential destructive chewing.

We know what you are thinking. "how do I make it stop?" "will this last forever?". Well, exercise, lots of hugs and kisses, and a healthy and safe alternative is the best way to go!

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