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Founder’s Story: How Bullibone Started

Let us introduce you to the inspiring story of how our CEO, Trevor Jensen, turned his love for playing with dogs into a life-long mission. One morning, Trevor and his dog were crossing the street when a reckless driver ran a red light and headed straight for them. Without thinking twice, Trevor jumped in front of his beloved pup and pushed her out of the way. He was hit by the car and suffered severe injuries that almost took his life. It was then that he realized he wanted to dedicate his time to doing something he loved- playing with dogs.After he got out of the hospital, Trevor quit his job and started searching for ways to make his dream a reality. He eventually partnered up with inventor and mechanical engineer, Leebob Willingham, to create the Bullibone chew toy. They aimed to solve two of the biggest problems for dogs- destructive chewing and dental disease. These chew toys are made with a unique, long-lasting, and natural-flavored nylon blend using Chew Scrub Technology(TM) to effectively clean teeth and reduce the risk of dental disease. Additionally, they are designed with the innovative Paw Pad Handles(TM) that allow your pup to hold and chew on the toy without any difficulty.Bullibone chew toys are not only effective but also 100% made in the USA. With their unique design and high-quality materials, they have become one of the top-selling products in over 25,000 retail locations. So if you're looking for a safe and fun chew toy that can help improve your furry friend's dental health and keep them occupied, look no further than Bullibone. Join us in making your pup's day and make their playtime the best time with Bullibone chew toys! 


Dogs Absolutely Love Them!

A healthy dog is a happy dog!

 Not only do these toys keep your dog from chewing up your best pair of shoes, they also provide an easy route to healthy pup. Your dog gets the fun out of the toy and you get a happier, healthier pet.

Health Benefits.

 Dog’s teeth are prone to the growth of bacteria which leads to infection, gum disease and loss of teeth. Such issues may lead to continual pain and a decline in your dog’s overall health, as the harmful, untreated bacteria can enter the bloodstream and affect other organs.

 Emotional Benefits.

Improve the health of our hearts. Spending time interacting with a happy dog has been shown to decrease high blood pressure, relieve stress and increase the dopamine and serotonin levels in our bodies, which in turn increases our sense of well-being.

Get your paws on a Bullibone!


Bullibone toys are designed to:

Not only does chewing on Bullibones help clear accumulated plaque from a dog’s teeth and stimulate the blood flow needed for healthy gums and fresh breath. But also to give your furry one a way to deal with emotional distress release, helping on boredom or separation anxiety by providing hours of chewing fun!

Company Highlights:

• Founded, owned, and operated right here in America. 100% of the product from start to finish is made in the USA.
• Recommended by vets, major media outlets, bloggers, pet parents, and thousands of loyal customers.
• Bullibone was the exclusive USA dog toy company highlighted by the largest retailer in the world for a national advertising campaign.
• Award Winning Interactive Toy Designs

Meet the team!

At Bullibone, we have more than awesome chew toys. We also have a good-looking team!

Trevor Jensen

Owns a Great Dane named Sierra!

Mathew Shepardson

Owns a rescue named Ellie Mae!

LeeBob Willinham

Owns a chubby bulldog named Boogie.

Andrew Fenner

Proud owner of Tattersail!

Ana Oliveira

Secretly owns cats!

Nina Maksimovik

Owns a poodle named Bonnie!


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